Precanonical vocalizations

Approximate Age of emergence: Birth to 6 months

There are many different kinds of precanonical vocalizations. Beginning with grunt-like vocalizations (quasi- and fully-resonant nuclei), all lack the well-formedness of true syllables. Some consist of voicing without any consonants at all (e.g., squeals, vowel-like vocants), some closants (consonant-like sounds) close the vocal tract in an unusual way (e.g., raspberries or clicks), and others combine closants with vocants but lack the rapid timing of true syllables. Cry and laughter also emerge very early in life. These vocalizations are usually observed in the first 6 months of life in typically developing children. They continue to be produced even after more advanced vocalization types emerge.

Click on the buttons below to hear some examples of precanonical vocalizations:

Full- and Quasi-resonant nuclei
Vowel Glides
Marginal Babbling

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